“Mishima” Pattern is inspired in japanese kimono textiles and ceramic decorations. “Mishima” is the name for a japanese technique for decorating ceramics.

Ana Förster
Pattern design and illustrations for fashion wear.
Fashion Design: Marina Schedlbauer
Photography: Nati Petri

“Lacquerware decorated in gold is not something to be seen in a brilliant light, to be taken in at a single glance; it should be left in the dark, a part here and a part there picked up by a faint light. Its florid patterns recede into the darkness, conjuring in their stead an inexpressible aura of depth and mystery, of overtones but partly suggested.“

In Praise of Shadows - Junichirō Tanizaki

Illustrators 61 Exhibit & Book - 2020
Society of Illustrators New York.
Category: The Surface/ Product Design.

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